What’s going on Kurulus Osman Episode 48 – The Turkish Armenian War

What’s going on Kurulus Osman Episode 48

What is going to happen next now in Kurulus Osman? It looks like every new episode of Kurulus Osman is taking to a new world with a passionate way.


You have seen the colors shown by Kurulus Osman episode 47. Readers in this article today we are going to give you guys amazing information in the upcoming episode 48 of Kurulus Osman. Audience Kurulus Osman is now ready to fly. You all may have seen the Kurulus Osman in episode 47 that Osman bay is now badly trapped. Now what will happen after that? 

Today we will talk about in this the article whether Osman Bey will get rid of this difficulty or he will face defeat. Whether or not osman bay was defeated in the Armenian war and what history tells in this regard? What is the battle in which Osman Bey suffered huge loss? Let’s tell you that the war that started is exactly the same as the Armenian war. Here a great plan of Osman Bey will fail due to the treachery of dundar bay and usman will also face many difficulties. That is, the plan Osman made to trap Aya Nikola. Now Osman is trapped in this trap by himself because of the treachery of the unbelievers.

Why Bamsi Bey warned Osman Bay?

If you remember Bamsi Bey had warned Osman in this regard before going to war that if our plan failed, we would face severe loss. Maybe now in Kurulus Osman episode 48 we will get to see something similar.

The question here arises whether osman bay was defeated on the Armenian front or not. Let’s tell you in this regard that historians did not explicitly declare any party a winner in this war in history.

However, it is surely stated that due to the damage done to Osman on this front, Osman Bey is very upset and depressed and this is the war in which Osman Bey suffered heavy loss. But history also tells us that after this war, Osman Bey remained very unhappy.

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