Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (The Great Seljuk) Episode 25 – Story Review

Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (The Great Seljuk) Episode 25 in Urdu

Every new episode of The Great Seljuk is captivating its fans. The trailer of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 25 in Urdu has arrived. Nizam e Alam Episode 25  will be published on March 25, 2021, which will be shown on the Turkish TV channel TRT1. According to the trailer of the Great Seljuk Episode 25 in Urdu English Subtitles, Hassan Saba becomes an old man and tries to find out the secret of the Bashulo Hatun in the kink Abasi tribe because in Nizam-e-Alam Episode 24 he got some information about the secret. This secret is very important for Hassan Sabah because this secret will put The Great Seljuk Empire in a lot of trouble. This secret was kept secret by Nizam-ul-Mulk and Malik Shah for many years, so far, Zubeida Khatun and Tapar Malik have come to know.

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Nizam e Alam Episode 24 Review the main point

Tapar to know the secret of Bashulo

In Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 24, Malik Tapar finds out that Bashulo Hatun is his mother and Sanjar is his real brother. When Tapar finds out about this secret, he gets very angry with his mother because Bashulo Hatun had met Tapar many times but Tapar’s point of view was that even though my mother stayed with me, she did not tell me that I am your mother. Tapar claimed how many years I spent alone and why you never came to see me. I was not your son. On the other hand, Sultan Malik Shah has not taken your name to heart till today. Bashulo Hatun tells her son Tapar Malik that I have done all this for your state. If anyone knew our secret, the Great Seljuk state would be in danger. On the other hand, Sanjar also explained a lot to his brother, but Malik Tapar, out of anger, rode away on his horse. Bashulo Hatoon also went to Tapar’s side so that Malik Tapar could listen to me but Tapar was not ready to listen to anything.

Treason of Malik Tekish

In the Great Seljuk Episode 24, on the other hand, all the Sardars are martyred due to the betrayal of Malik Tekish. Malik Takesh kills all the chiefs by making a pact with the sharp crusaders because he wanted to take revenge on these chiefs. When all the Sardars and Sanjar’s soldiers are fighting with the Crusaders, Torana Hatun arrives and a few minutes later Sanjar arrives.  When Sanjar sees that all the chiefs have been martyred, he becomes suspicious. Malik Tekish’s hand is behind all this.  Sanjar tells his soldiers that now Sultan Malik Shah will take the answer from me.  When Sanjar tells Sultan Malik Shah about this incident …  So Sultan Malik Shah gets very angry and tells Sanjar that no one knew about this secret information then how can this be?  Now how will you stop the anger of all the other chiefs? Now they will demand to take your head. Sanjar tells Sultan that he suspects that Malik Tekish is behind this betrayal. Because Malik Tekish had come to my wedding and threatened all the chiefs. Sultan Malik Shah says how can he do what you are saying. If Malik Tekish is a traitor then you should find some solid evidence. If you fail to do so, you will be punished.

The role of Malik Tekish in The Great Seljuk

Malik Tekish is portrayed as a negative character in The Great Seljuk Turkish Drama, in which he is bringing a lot of troubles and troubles to the Seljuk Empire.  Malik Tekish is preparing to dethrone his brother Sultan Malik. Due to which he is trying to unite all the chiefs with him so that he later rebels with his brother Malik Shah and becomes the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire. In Nizam-e-Alam episode 24, he succeeded in winning the hearts of all the other chiefs by having them killed. All these incidents show that the Seljuk empire will face many difficulties in the coming episodes.

Sanjar’s plan to catch Malik Tekish’s betrayal

On the third side of the Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 24, Sanjar devises a plan to capture the treachery of Malik Tekish. Sanjar sends a duplicate letter from Azakius to Malik Tekish. When this letter reaches Malik Tekish, he falls into the trap set by Sanjar. Malik Tekish immediately leaves his tribe after reading the letter and on the other hand, Sanjar and Sultan are waiting for Malik Tekish. When Malik Tekish is about to fall into the trap, Tajul Mulk appears in front of his path and tells Malik Tekish that you are going to fall into the trap set by Sanjar. The letter you received is a fake one, in contrast to which Malik Tekish thanks Tajul Mulk and immediately turns to the other side and goes hunting.  When Sultan Malik Shah and Sanjar get the news that Malik Tekish has left for his prey, Sultan Malik Shah tells Sanjar that his trap has not worked and that he should find the traitor as soon as possible.

All the chiefs support Malik Tekish

At the end of Nizam-e-Alam Episode 24, Sultan Malik Shah is very angry because the chiefs left the Sultan’s support and united with Malik Tekish. Due to which Sultan Malik Shah was unhappy.  Nizam-ul-Mulk says that the chiefs want blood in exchange for blood and Sanjar should be hanged as soon as possible.  Malik Tekish is supporting them and saying I will do what the empire should do for the tribes. Sultan Malik Shah finds this unpleasant. Sultan Malik Shah says that Teksh has broken many ranks and now he is uniting the chiefs against us. This means that he is gathering tribes and chiefs to revolt against us. Now is the time to remind Malik Tekish and the chiefs behind him of their times. If need be, we will speak with swords instead of tongues.

Significant Changes in The Great Seljuk Episode 24

Some changes have been made in Nizam-e-Alam Episode 24. After Marcos’ death, his brother Mitras has now arrived.  Its main purpose is to overthrow the Seljuk Empire and avenge its brother. And the second change was Albert’s decision to convert to Islam which touched the hearts of all the fans who shed tears of joy in the eyes of the viewers.

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