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Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu – Nizam e Alam Episode 27

In today’s article, we will talk about Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu – Nizam e Alam Episode 27. As the previous Nizam e Alam Episode 26 ends when an unknown man thanks Sultan Malik Shah, today’s episode begins like this. The same person who addressed him for the first time. Then he addressed him and said.


“Amir Arsalan! You do not need to thank us. It is our duty to do so. And then it is Sultan Malik Shah Seljuk who deserves to be thanked for taking care of your safety after knowing your situation in time.

Now you go to Neshapur under our protection.

Arsalan did not answer. He had quietly joined them on the highway leading to Neshapur.

The man whose name was Arsalan was in the forefront. The rest of the young men were behind them. On this occasion, a young man took his horse to his companion and addressed him.

Don’t worry, my dear, just tell me who this person. Why were the pursuers following him? And why has our Sultan Malik Shah Seljuk given so much importance to it that he has sent us here and arranged for its protection and safety?

The other laughed lightly and addressed him.

You are an idiot, but you are not to blame either, because you have just joined the army. So you do not know the real situation. Listen! Let me tell you the details.

This person’s name is Arsalan. You see, he is not old yet. Just two years ago, he was one of the best and foremost rulers of Sultan Malik Shah Seljuq.

The Sultan sent him from Neshapur to Samarkand at the request of the ruler of Samarkand to provide military training to the armies of Samarkand. And command Samarkand’s armies to protect Samarkand, which was once the target of savage tribes invading from the north and east.

Arriving in Samarkand, he arranged for the best training of the armies of the extreme labor. Let me also tell you that this young man is a graduate of a religious seminary in Neshapur. He does not have an answer in sharpening and other military matters. In Samarkand, he performed well. Excellent training of armies. In the meanwhile, the ruler of Samarkand, Shahab-ud-Din, did not know in his mind that he had decided to revolt against Sultan Malik Shah Seljuq.

In this regard, he talked to Amir Arsalan. Amir Arsalan flatly refused to revolt against the Sultan.

For a few days, Shahabuddin incited Amir Arsalan to revolt against Sultan Malik Shah Seljuq, but he did not succeed. He finally imprisoned Amir Arsalan on the condition that he be released from prison when he was ready to revolt against Sultan Malik Shah Seljuq.

Amir Arsalan also refused to accept this condition. Finally, the ruler of Samarkand, Shahabuddin, tried the last tactic. In Amir Arsalan’s family, his father was his mother, a brother, and a sister. In prison, Shahabuddin threatened Amir Arsalan that if he disobeyed Shahabuddin, he would destroy his family.

Amir Arsalan remained steadfast and at the same time, his father sent him a letter in prison urging him that Shahabuddin, even if his father dismembered his mother and siblings, would still be Sultan Malik Shah Seljuq. Do not rebel against

Amir Arsalan did the same. In response, Hakim Samarknad Shahabuddin killed his father, his mother, his sister, and his brother. The Lashkar also included some elements who were on Arsalan’s side and were performing their duties in the prison. They somehow got Arsalan out of jail. You are witnessing the events that took place after that.

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