Mavera Season 1 Episode 2 in Urdu Subtitles – Story Review

Mavera Season 1 Episode 2 in Urdu

According to Mavera Season 1 Episode 2, Khawaja Ahmad Yasawi talks to Elgis and tells him that if you get this sword and you take it because it is not your soul.


Mavera Episode 1 Summary

Mavera Episode 1 begins with a story. It tells the story of four riders traveling to an unknown location. A story that no ear can see, no eye can see. A story is about to end in the ashes of time. The first of these travelers is Khawaja Ahmad, the pearl of the sea of ​​wisdom. The other is his loyal friend Mahmoud who dedicates his life to becoming a loyal friend. The third great Darwish Hamza, an old friend of the past who raised them both. And the fourth is Arslanr’s son Mansoor.

In Mavera Episode 1, when Mahmood sees Mansoor sitting and writing a diary, he tells him to follow us or you will get lost here. The four friends are traveling to Baghdad. As they pass through the hills, they help some people whose horse-drawn carriages break down. They are three people, one is an old man and two are his daughters. While the four friends were helping him, two robbers came. They send Mansoor with the three to Baghdad, and the three friends themselves confront the soldiers of the twenty-two and kill them. Then some more people come and take the three of them to Dobis. Twenty-two asks the three of them, “Who are you? Khawaja Ahmad tells him that we are students of Yusuf Hamdani.” He tells the eunuch that you are going to fix Baghdad but I am going to conquer it. Don’t come in front of me when I conquer Baghdad.

In Mavera Episode 1, Khawaja Ahmad Yasawi leaves for Baghdad with his two troops. When he reaches the gates of Baghdad, he sees that Baghdad is completely scattered. Seeing all this, he first meets the caliph and his minister. He assures the caliph that Dobis is about to invade Baghdad, but his minister is reluctant to respond. Because the minister of the caliph is associated with Dobis. After hearing all this, Minister Atif tells them to do what you have come for. Now get out of here. After that, the eunuch goes to masque and meets Marwan. He tells Marwan that you stay in the seminary and take money from people. Mahmood gets a little angry and tells Marwan that it is a shame and another sin and I am very upset about it. After that they leave the mosque.

In Mavera Episode 1, Khwaja and his friends are a little upset because of Mansoor. They go to the tribe to meet him. This tribe belongs to those who help them along the way. When they reach the tribe, they are very happy to see Mansoor and the rest of the tribe are also very happy to see the eunuch. He cooks for Khawaja Ahmed and his friends. The eunuch sits in the tent and praises the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). When people hear the praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), they are very impressed with Khawaja Ahmad Yaswi.

In Mavera Episode 1, Khawaja Ahmad Yaswi goes to Baghdad in the morning and rents a shop because he specializes in making wooden spoons. Khawaja Ahmed takes a cheap and very old shop and starts his work by cleaning it. While he is doing his job, some people are following a child and that child is resorting to a stranger girl. But one of these people is about to kill the child when Khawaja Ahmed comes and saves the child. The child steals their bread and the eunuch pays the price and takes the child to his shop. He asks the child if he was hungry so he stole bread. The child answers yes and the eunuch feeds him so that he does not go hungry.

In Mavera Episode 1, Khawaja Ahmad Yasvi goes to mosque at night and meets Marwan and other dervishes. “I welcome you to Baghdad on behalf of my brothers,” Marwan tells him. Khawaja Ahmad tells him that it is a tradition that welcomes us and we thank him. He tells Marwan that we are not here to tell you your mistakes. We’re only here to fix your bugs. But Baghdad has a disease and the spirit of that city is sick. Before diagnosing this disease, we cannot cure it. Before that we could only dance and say only words. When Khawaja Yusuf Hamdani ordered us to come here, we passed through many cities, some of which were good and some were bad. We are all the ummah of our Prophet and we should all be kind. The state here is falling apart and Baghdad is about to fall apart.

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Mavera Season 1 Episode 2 in Urdu


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