Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 – Story Review

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu, English Subtitles

According to the trailer for Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 in Urdu, English Subtitles, Malhan khatoon tells Osman that the traitor is not far from you. On the other hand, Petros is very happy because he thinks I have put a lot of trouble on Usman. On the third Side, Aya Nikola is very angry and says that I will bathe the sky and its ancestors in blood.



Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 47 Review Main Point

After opening the mystery of the Muslim (Idris) Christian spy (David) in Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 47, and after chasing him, he was caught in the ears of the audience, where the whole week Osman had to give him a strong slap. The start of the new episode (Kurulus Osman episode 47) was from the search for the same hidden warrior. Most viewers thought it was an arrow runner. He showed David the way to the next world in time, fearing his veil.

But at the exact time of Petrus and Simon, this mystery remained a mystery. But the stranger who understood the mask as an attacker had to die with Osman’s hands after finding his clothes, the identity symbol found in his throat was later identified as the Pope’s servants, who would surely be a “partner of Petrus.”

On the other hand, when a cross wrapped in a talisman was found in Idris’s belongings, Osman found clear evidence that he was a Christian.

The whole episode ( Kurulus Osman episode 47) revolves around looking for a killer of more traders or getting involved in everything at the time of the Malhan Hatun.

On the one hand, as a result of the invitation to settle the areas around the land of Sardar Osman, the daughter of Ankara’s daughter, Malhan woman, came to the QAI tribe to choose the place to settle her tribe, and then think of Osman’s enemies’ internal and external conspiracy and the presence of the treasures and the difficulties of Osman. In the case of getting the ring of the Idris killer, the original owner of the ring was found in the efforts to see without the ring Doubting the Dunder.

On the one hand, Dundar Bey in order to achieve leadership, there is a game in the hands of Petros and Simon, and on the other hand, the alliance with Aya Nikolahas been stuck in the deep swamps of treachery. The missing ring is a problem for Dundar Bay.

Readers! Now, on the side of Osman’s intentions. Where Osman has invited the Turkish tribes to keep the foundation of a Universal Islamic Empire, he is also worried about setting up a great fight for the management of this state and for this, he keeps his companions physically and physically ready to implement a global system by raising the flag of Islam on the whole world.

Aya Nikola is ready for the emperor’s immediate departure from Anagol to Constantinople.

Readers! Let’s talk about some beautiful scenes as well. Osman’s masked archery constantly pursued. The viewers suspect that Dundar’s mystery was now open to open. But when a stranger’s face was seen, the viewer was shocked once again and the director got the opportunity to prolong the drama without any reason.

The conversation between Flatus and Nikola and the recognition of Nikola that no one knows the burden of the crown on my head.

Goktog goes to prison with Flatteus, face Christian Rama’s face and ask Flatteos loudly in front of the pastor, will you also go to Constantine with Nikola? In fact, it was an indication that the Christian pastor, who is actually a spy of Osman, gave this news to Osman. Many viewers did not even know that the Christian pastor is actually a strong spy of Osman.

The Malhan Hatun informs her father by writing a letter based on her investigation and saying that “Osman will be beaten by the tribe instead of infidels”. Talking to the Bala khatoon and Salejan and trying to remove Salejan worries about Osman and comforting him with love like a mother.

The Malhan woman should be at the place where Usman is appointed for the residence of her tribe, and in her position, saying that her tribe is not only a herd of cattle but also needs a proper place to spread the trade. It really proves to be a wise daughter of a chief, whose confession Osman also smiles by saying that Sardar Omar has trained her well.

Inviting Salejan Hatun to come and settle on the lands of Osman with his tribe in a manner of utmost love. Osman had a beautiful expression of humility and devotion to his elders. At least if any other viewer did, at least my eyes were definitely impressed with devotion.

At the time of the departure of Salejan Hatun, it was a very interesting scene to meet all the women and mention the importance of their love and presence and when the Dundar was eating food, the Malhan Hatun came to the tent, and while talking, suddenly the dagger was pulled out and the Dundar was shocked and then cutting the apple from the Dundar… the changing colors of the Dundar’s face look great.

On the other hand, the most beautiful scene of Sheikh Adibali with his dervishes and students in the madrassa and talking about the awareness and understanding of the religion. Qamar-ul-Abdal sitting next to the Sheikh and listening to these words in an emotional manner and Dundar’s attention were very captivating and faith-refreshing scenes.

Sardar Omar’s mention of Ertuğrul Ghazi, the brave son of Salman Shah, along with his companions, and Osman’s bravery, the praise of his intentions, and expression of his intention to support Osman when the time comes to tell a lot.

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