Kurulus Osman Episode 57 in Urdu, English And Russian – Story Review

Kurulus Osman Episode 57

According to the trailer of Kurulus Osman Episode 57, Osman meets the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire and he tells Osman that the envoy we sent was thrown from the tent-like a dog. As I am your Sultan and now it is my right to punish. Togai’s commander, on the other hand, tells him to prepare for battle. Nicola tells his soldiers that we will force everyone to their knees, whoever opposes us. Sheikh Adbali tells Osman that the only way to stop them is to marry Omar Bay’s daughter Mulhan Hatoon.


Kurulus Osman Episode  56 Summery

Kurulus Osman Episode  56 begins again with the battle between Osman and Nicola. In this battle, Mulhan Hatoon participates in the battle without informing her chief. Osman Bay is victorious in this battle, but Osman’s brother Sauchi is martyred. Sauchi chases after Klanoos as he runs away, but he doesn’t know that Klanoz has set a trap for him. Trapped in the trap of Sauchi Klanoz, he is fighting with Klanoz and his soldiers when Klanoz comes from behind and attacks Sauchi Bay. In this attack, Sauchi sits helplessly under a tree. When Osman comes to Sauchi, Sauchi tells Osman to go after Klanoz and kill him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 56 Osman goes after Klanoz to avenge his brother. When Osman sees Klanoz about to ride a horse, he chases after him. Osman Bay pulls Klanoz down from his horse with all his might and grabs him and brings him to Sauchi. Sauchi tells Osman that my wife and son are now in your care and that you must build a state that will last forever. That Kar reaches the point of martyrdom and Osman kills Klanoz on the spot and throws him into a pit.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 56 gets angry with his daughter, and when the Malhun comes to his tent, he punishes her and says, “This is your punishment now that I send you to my brother’s tribe.” Have been When Mulhan Hatoon goes to her uncle’s tribe as punishment, she first goes to the Qai tribe to say goodbye to Osman. When she meets’ Osman and tells’ Osman of her punishment, Osman becomes very angry. He goes to see Omar at the same time when he goes to Omar’s tent and talks about marriage. Omar thinks that because of his daughter, he will stop trading with Nicola. But Osman reminds him that Nicola is no one’s friend, he will destroy you one day. While they are talking, Nicola sends a box from his castle to Omar. When Omar opens the box, he sees that Nicola has snatched most of Omar’s belongings and sent the heads of his soldiers to the box with a gift. Due to which Omar Nicola’s identity is known.

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