Kurulus Osman Episode 56 in Urdu Subtitles – Story Review


According to the trailer of Kurulus Osman Episode 56 in Urdu Subtitles, there is a huge war between Osman and Nicola. In which Klanoz stabs Sauchi Bay from behind, causing Sauchi Bay to be martyred. Everyone is waiting for Kurulus Osman Episode 56 in which there will be a big fight between Osman and Nicola. Find out when Kurulus Osman Season 3 will be released and whether it will come Kurulus Osman Season 3 or not, find out in the article below.

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  • Kurulus Osman episode 56 release date is 28 April 2021.
  • Kurulus Osman episode 56 will be on-air Turkish ATV Channel


Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Summary

The war between Osman and Nicola

Kurulus Osman Episode 55 begins with a battle between Osman Ghazi and Nicola. In which Nicola suffers a terrible defeat. The audience will tell you that Nicola was going to attack Sogot with his army. But Nicola had no idea that Osman would fall like a storm on her with his army. In this battle, Uthman’s army surrounds Nicola’s army on all sides, in which Nicola has lost many soldiers. Because in this army, a woman who is married to Osman also has a big part. The bride fights Nicola’s soldiers like a male commander. Kalanoz and Osman, on the other hand, have a wonderful competition. In which Osman was about to kill Klanoos when Nicola’s soldiers come in front of Osman. Due to which Klanos manages to escape. When Nicola sees that we can’t fight Osman, he manages to escape.

Jarkutai is trapped in the tunnel

In Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Jarkutai gets stuck in the tunnel because the ammunition he sets on fire is extinguished. Which is why he tries to put out the fire again. On the other hand, Sauchi Bay and Goktog are very upset because of this. When the explosives are exploding, Jarkotay manages to get out of the tunnel with great difficulty.

Togai was happy with Osman’s victory

In Kurulus Osman Episode 55 Togai, who is a great enemy of Uthman, is very happy with Uthman’s victory. Because Nicola betrays Togai and kills many of his soldiers, which makes him very angry with Nicola. When Togai’s commander informs him that Osman has defeated Nicola today, in which many of Nicola’s soldiers have been killed. Togai is very happy to hear this because his soldiers have been avenged. On the other hand, Togai also thinks that Nicola will need me a lot now because Nicola can no longer compete with Osman.

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Conversation between a Malhun Hatun and Omar Bay

In Kurulus Osman Episode 55, When Mulhan Haton came to her tribe, she would first inform her father that Osman Bay had won a great victory today in which Nicola had suffered a great loss. Omar Bay is very happy to hear about his daughter but at the same time he is sad that our business is over now. Audience Omar Bay is also playing a big trick with Nicola, in which he wants to bring his soldiers inside the Anagol fort as well as trade. When the bridegroom leaves the Hatun Sardar’s room, he invites Bahadur inside and learns the whole situation of the battle from him.

Mulhan Hatoon’s participation in the war again

In Kurulus Osman Episode 55, The bridegroom leaves the tribe and goes to war with ‘Uthman. She tells her soldiers that to this day I have done nothing wrong that I regret. And I am going to join a holy war with Uthman by disobeying my chief. If you don’t want the chief to be angry with you, you can go to the tribe immediately. On the contrary, all the soldiers are ready to go to war with Mulhan Hatun.

Kurulus Osman Episode 56 in Urdu Substitles

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