Kurulus Osman episode 51 – Story Review

Kurulus Osman episode 50 in Urdu, English

According to the trailer of Kurulus Osman episode 50 in Urdu, English, the Bala Hatun asks Osman what is bothering him and what is bothering him the most. I think you’re worried about the Malhun Hatun.On the other hand, Gunduz tells Osman Bay that a Malhun Hatun cannot be left at the mercy of infidels.


Kurulus Osman Episode 50 review main summery

Kurulus Osman Episode 50 begins with Togai Khan, the son of Noyan Khan.

So Tugai Khan’s soldiers bring Petros to their place and Petros sees around that Togai is not here, then asks his soldiers where is Togai? then his soldiers tell him that they are talking to the spirits inside the earth. So when the cow comes out of the ground, it comes out very angry because the spirits have told her about Osman.  Spirits have told him that no one can win against the power of heaven. When Togai sees that Peteros is also here, he asks them what you have come here to do.

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Tugai and Nicola

Togai and Nicola have a great research conversation in which he talks to Nikola and says what will you give me in return.

Nicola tells him that I want to give you a drink made of blood on the arrival of Giyahto. A drink made of blood is brought in front of Togai Khan. Nikala tells him that I want to give a bloody drink to the great man who harmed ‘Uthman in his own house. After which they have a long conversation. In which Togai wants to take his throne from Nicola. But Nicola tells him you can’t claim my throne because it’s made just for me. After which there is no peace agreement between Nicola and Togai. And Togai goes back empty-handed.

Osman and Jarkotai’s plan

Osman tells Jarkotai about a plan that if the life of the brother who was caught was entrusted to you, then you will now bow down to him. Osman tells him to make a plan and forcibly release his brother at night and run away from the tribe. You will tell us where Togai is hiding. Jarkutai works on a plan devised by Osman in which he succeeds.

Abdur Rehman Ghazi and Dawood Sahib’s participation in the conversation of Sheikh Abdali

Abdul Rehman Ghazi and Dao Sahib join Sheikh Abdali’s talk of the night.  Sheikh Abdali is very happy to see them and thanks to them from the bottom of his heart. Sheikh Abdali explains that if there is no addressee, then what is the use of bubbles singing. He further explains that

  • You are engaged in jihad from jihad.
  • All human beings do business after prayers and provide sustenance for all the homeland.
  • Sardar and Ghazi will wage jihad and do business. Then we will be the winners.
  • Victory with a one-sided sword is not enough.
  • The sword is the structure of the outside, by the call of Allah it will also open from the inside.
  • With the sword, we open the door to peace.
  • If you can’t make someone’s heart Muslim, will you be able to do it with the sword?
  • Don’t make excuses in your food, work, or business.
  • People serve the people of truth.
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