Kurulus Osman Episode 50 – Story Review

Kurulus Osman Episode 50

According to the Trailer of Kurulus Osman Episode 50 in Urdu, English, Osman tells his soldiers that now we don’t have only one enemy, today no one will be spared. On the other hand, Aya Nikola is hiding in the ground and gets up and says that we will continue to receive Soughut through the last blow.


Kurulus Osman Episode 49 review main points

Kurulus Osman Episode 49 begins with Osman’s chieftain’s tent in which Goktog tells Osman that Noyan’s son Tugaye is advancing towards our borders with the aim of preventing all Turkish tribes from assembling and his father from the Turks.  To take revenge Bamsi Bey is excited to hear all this and says that it was written in my destiny that I will hear the name of this snake again. Osman thinks that our enemies who have been leaving our ancestors have come. Now is the time to fight all these enemies. Bamsi tells Osman that we could not eradicate this devil with our Ertugrul, but now you are destined to eliminate his son. Goktog is further told that Togai’s enemies attacked his tribe and killed his family. And they captured Togai’s two brothers, but Togai managed to escape. He grew up in the forest. People say that he grew up drinking pig’s milk.  Then he met a cursed shaman and he raised him. Osman then replies, so he is called Karashman Togai. Gaykhatu sent this man to stop us from planning to resettle the tribes.

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Conversation between Usman Bay and Savci Bay

Osman tells his brother Savci that by killing Flatius, you have stopped me from looking for a traitor in the tribe. Because Flatius was the only way we could catch the traitor in the tribe. Savcı Bey tells Osman that he has exercised his right of Revenge which he has martyred my son. Because only I had the right to it. On the other hand, my uncle Dondar thinks the same. Due to which Osman suspects that my uncle Dondar is a traitor but Osman has no evidence to prove his uncle’s treachery.  His Osman devises a plan to catch his uncle’s betrayal.

Conversation between Sardar Omar Bay and Malhan

Sardar Omar Bay who is a great leader of a Turkish tribe. At the invitation of Osman Bay, he has relocated his tribe and shifted to the lands of Osman Bay. There must be something going on in Osman’s mind that is uniting all the tribes. He further added that he was expecting a bargain from me. Mulhan Haton tells her father that since he has invited all the chiefs, I think he will announce a great campaign plan. And I wasn’t sure if you would accept Osman Bay’s invitation. Sardar Omar Bay tells his daughter, Mulhan Haton, that you are talking as if all the chiefs of Anatolia had offered lands to Kezel Begolari for settlement. So we should have rejected Osman Bay. We can’t graze our animals anywhere without permission in Jarmianglu, Hamidin and Konya.  Wherever we tried to settle, one or the other became the owner of this land. On the contrary, the bridegroom asks his father, “Do you think that there is no owner of these lands?” Do you think that Osman Bay, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi, has a permanent place for our cattle in these lands conquered by the Byzantines?  Sardar Omar Bay says yes daughter, that is exactly what I mean. There are many lands which have been taken away from the infidels.  Look around you, there is a man who is a greater leader than Osman Bay.

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