Kurulus Osman Episode 47 ( Season 2 ) Review

Kurulus Osman Episode 47

In the trailer of Kurulus Osman Episode 47, Osman tells his brothers that it Is forbidden to waste time from now on. Wherever infidels are seen, we will take them by the hand.



Kurulus Osman Episode 46 Review Main Point

Kurulus Osman Episode 46 starts from there when Aya Nikola is going to kill Osman Bay and Bamsi Bay. Osman and Bamsi do not lose heart because they are not afraid of death. They know that we need nothing more than martyrdom. While Osman and Bamsi are wielding swords with Aya Nikola’s soldiers, a woman appears. Her name is Malhan Khatun. So the Malhun Hatun tells Osman that Osman Bay is not alone which gives Osman a lot of courage. Aya Nikola is very upset when he sees the woman. He wonders who this woman and where she came from? When the Malhun Hatun ‘s soldiers call the Malhun by name, Aya Nikola finds out her name. Aya Nikola knows I’m going to be defeated, so he leaves the war and runs away. Then Osman’s own soldiers also go to war. Osman Bay and Malhun Hatun follow Aya Nikola to kill him, but Aya Nikola runs away.

In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode19 (46), on the other hand, the Gonduz reaches in the tribe. When the Turgun Hatun picks up all the secret documents in Osman’s tent. When the Turgun woman comes out of the tent, she is stunned to see Gündüz Alp. Then to save her life, the Turgun woman uses a few members of the tribe as her shield, including Bala Khatun, Dundar Bay, Hazal Khatun and Halina.The Turgun Hatun tells Gündüz Alp to put down her swords and drop your weapons.If Gündüz had not laid down his arms, the Turgun woman would have threatened to kill the Bala. After this, Sheikh Abdali tells Gunduz to put down his weapon, then Gündüz puts his weapon down. The Turgun woman tells everyone that Dundar Bay and the women will go with me. If anyone persecutes, I will kill them.

In Episode 46, Osman Bay asks Malhun Hatun who are you? and she tries to clean the blood on Osman Bay’s face. Osman tells the woman not to stain her handkerchief with the blood of enemies. In reply, Malhun Hatun tells Osman Sahib, son of Ertugrul Ghazi that nothing can be tainted with the blood of enemies. After that, Osman tries to go to the tribe, but the Malhun Hatun tells him that I will go with him to the tribe. Malahn khatoon tells Osman that. I am the daughter of Qazal sahib’s son of Omar sahib and we have come to fight with you on the border.

On the third side of Kurulus Osman episode 46, Savcı Bey also in the trap of Flatius tends to be trapped. Flatius tells Savcı Bey that you can’t run away anymore and today I will finish you here. Turgun takes Bala with her and says Bala, both of you will die today. You both will not be able to see each other again and the last thing you see will be my face. How do you feel like this? Gunduz goes after Turgan and sees on the way Turgan has taken Bala with her. When Targan reaches her place, Göktuğ Bey gives his weapon to Bala so that she can save his life.

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