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Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 7 in English

In Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 7, the battle on the outer defensive wall of the city of Tarshish had reached its climax. While the defenders of the city were trying to thwart the attempts of the climbers by raining arrows from above as well as throwing swords.

Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 7

But in the end, the attackers managed to climb the defensive wall through the rope ladder. The commander of the invaders was running down and encouraging his troops. While the commander of the city’s defenders was running with all his might and strength, he was inciting his armies to repel the invaders.

The invader in Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 7 was of Qutbuddin, the Crown Prince of the Khwarezm Empire. The same Qutbuddin who later became Sultan in the pages of history under the name of Allauddin Khwarazm Shah. And the city of Tarshish was the abode of the martyrs of Hassan bin Sabah. Which was considered a strong and stable siege. He said that because Khwarazm had harmed the royal interest, the Crown Prince of Khwarazm, Qutbuddin, had attacked him.

The invaders were attacking like flames burning in the desert of punishment and bloody boundaries in the veins. Fidai, who was defending the city, was also defending his city in the echo of the senate.

The collision of the two forces made it seem as if they both smelled each other’s blood. For this reason, the armies on both sides were attacking each other like seekers of death in new styles of desert secrets and brutal nightmares. The clash of the two armies shattered the game of Gadha in the form of the talisman of death and the liquid fire on the defensive wall.

The armies on both sides shouted slogans like gusts in the jungle, demonstrating their dignity and perseverance and their courage and bravery, attacking each other and trying to finalize their success and triumph.

Khawarizm Shah‘s army had now managed to climb the city’s defensive wall through the rope ladders and on both sides of the defensive wall they had started a death dance against the defenders.

Suddenly he saw his army, which had the knowledge of him, to be installed at the entrance of the city’s defensive wall, marching on the defensive wall and advancing towards the southern gate of the defensive wall.

The young man who carried the flag was surrounded by some bodyguards. Ahead of him was a young man wearing a sheepskin coat over his armor. Which had several patches on it. However, his style of attacking was new and his enthusiasm was young.

In Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 7, as he marched with the knowledgeable guards towards the south gate of the city’s defensive wall, a procession of city guards came from the front. The city’s defensive wall was so wide that many troops could not move at the same time. When two young men from the roadblocks advanced, the young man of the Khwarazm royal army, who was patched up, wearing a fur coat, moved like the poison of Qaza in the waves of the rising river, and the army of the enemy to block his way. He attacked them in his own way and in the blink of an eye he wiped them both out. After that, the young man with the pounded furry then proceeded like cash-selling and very violent.

“His courage, his unparalleled courage, Qutbuddin, the Crown Prince of the Khwarazm Empire, began to address him aloud. Peace be upon your courage, your bravery. If you are a slave, be free from today.”

The rotten-skinned young man was slowly approaching the gates of the city, like storms blowing rags in front of his comrades and daggers wielding daggers on the earth’s surface.

On one occasion, some enemy troops appeared from the front. He bathed in rivers of blood.

Seeing his courage, bravery, and perseverance, the Crown Prince on horseback raised his sword in the air. Once again he spoke in a resonant voice.

“I make you the commander-in-chief of a part of my army.”

The young man was moving like a flood storm. On several occasions, enemy troops and martyrs from the front tried to block his way. But the lightning bolt and the flame-eyed young man continued their advance. Even Crown Prince Qutbuddin called him. “

If you place the knowledge of the Khwarazm Empire above the gates of the city wall, I will give you the reward that you will be happy.

It is not news whether the young man was listening to the voices of Crown Prince Qutbuddin or not, but he continued his advance towards the gate of the city’s defensive wall. Going a little farther, the young man behind him, who had picked up the knowledge, took the Khwarazm royal knowledge.

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