Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 6 – Story Review

Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 6 in Urdu, English

The trailer of Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 6 in Urdu, English has come with very new changes and war preparations. Fans are eagerly waiting for Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 6. In this trailer, it is seen that Allauddin is praying for his mother and that it is time for doomsday. Don’t come to me and the winner of Samarqand is still alive.  On the other hand, Tarkun Hatoon tells her grandson Prince Azlik that if you want to fight against Jalaluddin, now is your chance.


Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 6 in Urdu, English

Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 5 review main point

Jalaluddin Khwarazm Shah Episode 4  ended on a very important scene when Jalaluddin was running after an unknown man. The unknown man is Bharam who gives all the secret information to Genghis Khan. Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 5 begins with Tarkan as she unites the army against Sultan Aladdin in her tent in the Queen’s dress. On the other hand, Prince Jalaluddin tells the soldier to put down his dagger. But he resisted the soldier, after which Bharam came from behind and stabbed the soldier from behind, which led to Bharam’s plan succeeding.

Gathering an army of Tarkan against Sultan Aladdin

Sultan Aladdin gets into a lot of trouble by accusing his mother Khanum of treason.  Which could endanger the Khwarazm Empire. Because Sultan Alladdin’s mother has revolted against her son. She is now preparing her army for war against the Khwarazm Empire. She tells her army that you were all trained for such hard days. And you all swore that if there was a threat to your state or to Turkmenistan, you would fight to the last drop of your blood.  You all swore that your swords would always be ready.

Sultan Aladdin is under siege at Garganj with the soldiers and guards of the palace.  There is no one to help him except Timur. At the moment we are between the army and Timur Malik. After Hassan’s arrest, Ali Khan has been chosen as the commander of Khuzur. They will join our ranks with their soldiers. All the commanders on the list will be with us. They will take revenge on those who have accused me of treason.

Prince Jalaluddin to prove his innocence before his Sultan

Jalaluddin Khawarizm Episode 5 Sultan Alauddin is very angry because Prince Jalaluddin escapes from prison by stealing because of which he has full intention to punish Prince Jalaluddin. When Jalaluddin enters the palace, the Sultan sees Jalaluddin carrying a woman and a child.  Sultan Allauddin, asks Timur Malik who these people are and why the prince has brought them to the palace. Timur Malik tells his Sultan that it seems that they are members of Hassan’s family living in Gorganj. At the same time, Hassan arrives. When he sees that Prince Jalaluddin has brought his family back safely, he gives evidence of Prince Jalaluddin’s testimony.

Khuzwar Commander Ali Khan’s meeting with Tarkan Hatoon

When Khuzwar Commander Ali Khan came into the tent. Turkan says “I still think Hassan may be the victim of their conspiracy and they can use it as a seal,” she told Commander Ali Khan. You have now been appointed Commander of Khuzwar for informing us in time.

Tarkan Hatun sends letter to Sultan Alladdin

“If you wanted to test my strength, you made such a wrong decision and did not use common sense,” the Turkish woman wrote in the letter. My soldiers are ready to fight you according to my command. They are always ready with swords and horses.  The strength of my army is increasing with each passing day. When we attack the thunder, the ground will shake with the tops of our army’s horses. We will tear down the walls of the palace on your heads. You should have no doubt that we will have mercy on you and shelter you under our flag.

Genghis Khan’s advice to his son for the enemy

Genghis Khan tells his son that there is an enemy on the battlefield. What happens if you attack from the front? Genghis Khan’s son tells his father that many soldiers lose their lives. Genghis Khan, the most ruthless man, advises his son that attacking the enemy from the front is futile and that many soldiers are harmed. You must not underestimate your enemy, but you must understand that they are as strong and powerful as you.

Prince Azlik brings a letter from Sultan Aladdin to a Tarkan

Sultan Aladdin writes in his letter that if you have been harmed by something based on the development of the state and the welfare of the Muslims and your heart has been hurt. If someone is harmed by the sword of my kingdom, it is as if someone has invaded the state. And if my mother is upset because of this, I will consider myself miserable. If you accept my invitation and visit the palace, there is no doubt that the state will remain the same and its future will be strong.

How to Watch Mendirman Jalaluliddin Khawarzm Episode 6


Jalaluddin Kharazm Shah Episode 6 will be broadcast online on the Turkish TV channel Milli TV on March 21, 2021.

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