Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 5 – Story Review

Jalaluddin Khwarazm Episode 5 In Urdu, English

According to the trailer of Manderman Jalaluddin Khawarzm Shah Episode 5, Bahram tells his soldiers that Sultan is on his death bed. On the other hand, the prince is busy gathering loyal troops for the state, and his mother Khanum is being treated as a traitor. But how long will she endure? This is just the beginning, which makes her think that our goal is getting closer and easier.  All this is the trick of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan, through his trick, creates fitna in the whole palace in Jalaluddin Khawarzm Episode 4.

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Qatlou Bakker says Jalaluddin I am now ready to answer your question about becoming a wife. On the other hand, Genghis Khan thinks that the snake near Jalaluddin is under my control. Jalaluddin Khwarizm talks to Hassan to ask this. After all, who put that writing in the box of the Turkic woman. In response, Hassan tells them that I have heard that she is a girl. Prince Jalaluddin asks who is that girl ?? Hassan says that person is among us. Prince Azlik tells his mother that he can’t stop the Turkic woman now. On the other hand, Prince Jalaluddin says that this war will end before it starts. I will fight to the last drop of blood.

Jalaluddin Khawarzm Episode 4 review main point

Jalaluddin Khawarzm Episode 4 starts with a Bahram when he tells his soldiers to bring my soldiers’ clothes. I have some friends in the palace. One of the soldiers asked, “Master, will you do it yourself?”  Bharam tells him yes I will go myself. I want to go and see for myself what Qatlu Bakr has done. She thinks that all she has to do is build a family. I will go and remind him how to work with Genghis Khan, this is just the beginning.

Prince Azlik and his Mother

Prince Azlik’s mother is inciting her son Prince Azlik against Jalaluddin. When Prince Azlik is coming to his room, he knows that my lion-like son is coming. Due to which the sound of passionate footsteps is being heard. My son is coming to be victorious. She also says that this arch is the footsteps of a successful person.

When Prince Azlik comes to his mother’s room, his mother calls him. My hope is to come near me as brave as my lion. Thank God I told you to be patient. I said that times will change and your position will be clear to everyone. Prince Azlik says you said and I acted and waited for it. Mom says I told you to be patient your rising star will always shine and Prince Azlik also tells his mother that you should have seen Jalaluddin’s face at that time and Timur should have seen the darkness on the face. When Malik Timur was found out who the real lion of this palace.  The mother says that Sultan Aladdin has seen your courage and bravery and the Turkan woman has also seen it well and has praised you very much. Every success you achieve will enhance our reputation. And it will tarnish Jalaluddin’s reputation. Every victory will be an obstacle for them and an opportunity for us.  Prince Azlik says, “My dear mother, get ready to fight. When I take over the front, you will fight inside the palace.”  Those who mistreated us will lose.

Prince Jalaluddin and Qatlu Bakr

In Episode 4, Jalaluddin Khawarizm, on the other hand, talks to Prince Jalaluddin and Qatlu Bakr says.  Will you answer my question?  I look forward to hearing from you. In contrast, the Qatlou Bakr takes care of his brother. Brother tells her that my father has disturbed me by saying this. And now you are bothering me. My brother, what are you afraid of? I saw the bride, she is beautiful and hardworking.  When will you marry my dear sister?  And you will walk away from me after marriage.  The sister asks if I promised. Didn’t he say he would never leave you? The brother says yes you said but no one keeps his promise. My brother, I can do anything for you and I will keep my promise to you.

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Genghis Khan’s decision to capture Khwarizm

Genghis Khan’s informant comes and tells Genghis Khan that his strategy has been successfully formulated in the palace of Khwarizm.

How to Watch Mendirman Jalaluliddin Khawarzm Episode 5

Jalaluddin Kharazm Shah series will be broadcast online on Turkish TV channel Milli TV on March 14, 2021.

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