A Brief History of Ahmad Sanjar Seljuk

Ahmad Sanjar Seljuk

The spiritual leader of Ahmad Sanjar Seljuk was a great saint of that time, a well-known religious scholar and Sufi. He was called Sultan Azam and he made it obligatory for all scholars and shaykhs to follow the teachings of Imam Ghazali. Azeem Ahmad Sanjar Seljuk was born in October 1086 in the famous city of Sinjar in northern Iraq.



He was named Moeez-ud-Din Ahmed Sanjar Seljuk because of the city, but according to some experts, the city was named after him after Ahmed Sanjar Seljuk. He was the son of Shah I. Ahmed Sanjar Seljuq’s father Sultan Malik Shah I died in his childhood. Bin Sultan Alp is Arsalan. In fact, he was born from the womb of a slave girl of Malik Shah I.


During the reign of Sultan Malik Shah I, there was a period of perfection for the Muslims. Peace and order had been established in this empire which was spread over about 15,000 square miles. It was in this state of fear that Europe invaded the Palestinians and the Crusades began. In the same period, unfortunately, about 1,092 AD, Sultan Malik Shah I of the Seljuk Empire died.


The Seljuk Empire disintegrated and the issue of Seljuk Empire’s rule intensified among the sons of Malik Shah I. The eldest son of Sultan Malik Shah I was taken over the command of the Seljuk Empire by Berkeley, but the rest of the brothers did not agree. The sons of Malik Shah I occupied different areas. But Ahmed Sanjar was very few at that time and he was the son of a slave girl so he was not given much attention.


Sultan Malik Shah I’s eldest son Berkiark sponsored Ahmad Sanjar Seljuk. Sultan Malik Shah I’s son Berkiark and Mahmud and other brothers spent a long time during the civil war but the world map changed completely. The first qiblah was completely occupied in Jerusalem and the flags of Jews and Christians were flying in Syria and Palestine. 1097 As well as being a strong general, he was also an intellectual and a great leader.


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